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As a passionate Functional Health Consultant who desires to care for the whole person, I understand that the best way to transform your health is to take a proactive and holistic approach.


My life's mission is to help you conquer bloat and IBS for good, so that you can freely pursue your passions in confidence!

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Imagine This

What if...

  • You felt at ease while traveling to stunning beaches of Mexico, no longer worrying about uncomfortable belly bloat or being away from the bathroom

  • You confidently wear your cute crop top and jeans on date night, enjoying delicious charcuterie and pizza, bloat & IBS FREE!

  • You pursued the dream career you've been desiring, but have felt too overwhelmed by bloat & IBS to think about changing jobs

  • You finally said yes to summer barbecues with friends and family, enjoying the pulled pork and cornbread without embarrassing belly bloat or painful stomach cramps

Do you desire this?

Receive the unwavering support you deserve from someone who truly grasps your journey firsthand. There's no need to follow strict diet plans or adhere to juice cleanse protocols. Instead, experience lasting relief from bloat and IBS as you embrace personalized guidance tailored precisely to your unique needs.

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