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As a passionate Functional Health Consultant who desires to care for the whole person, I understand that the best way to transform your health is to take a proactive and holistic approach.


My life's mission is to help you take authority over your health and feel more vibrant than ever before!

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Imagine This

What if...

  • You woke up feeling energized, vibrant, and ready to pursue your dreams wholeheartedly

  • You no longer experienced bloating, cramping, or digestive struggles 

  • You felt confident in your body and skin  

  • You no longer restricted yourself from delicious, nourishing foods 

  • You stopped wondering why confusing symptoms will not resolve and understood exactly what your body needs to thrive 


  • Get an in-depth personalized recovery plan to reclaim your mind, behaviors, metabolism & hormones guided by your lifestyle & lab results.

  • Have unlimited 1:1 support to guide you every step of the way & targeted assessments to ensure you are making progress.

  • Learn how to take captive of your thoughts & interpret your symptoms so you always know exactly what your body needs.

  • Work with a trustworthy & transparent practitioner who gets you & cares deeply for your inner fulfillment, purpose, & holistic transformation.



  1. Mindfulness, Body Awareness & Cultivation of Purpose - Learn how to recognize & shift the messages subconsciously fed to your mind/body, respond to urges, be aware of your body's internal signals, & cultivate joy / purpose from within.

  2. Detoxification - Reduce your overall toxic exposure, intentionally release what no longer serves you, & build trust with one-self and others. 

  3. Repair & Renew Gut Health - Balance your intestinal environment, eliminate digestive distress, reduce inflammation & optimize nutrient absorption. (LABS: digestive analysis, comprehensive panel & organic acids).

  4. Rebalance Hormone Health - Shift your body into a regenerative state, increase your resilience, & rebalance inflammatory hormones. (LABS: sex hormones, adrenals / cortisol).

  5. Refine Adaptive Health - Learn how to modify your lifestyle habits & thought patterns so that you feel prepared for any situation that arises & maintain whole-body wellness for life.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Join me for this high-touch wellness program that gives you 1-on-1 support to help you optimize your health in a completely customized way. This is your secret weapon  for living a life full of abundance, purpose, confidence, and joy!

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