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Hi! I'm Rachel.



I'm a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner.


My personal health struggles led me to functional medicine in my early 20s, after constant acne breakouts, fatigue, bloat, and other stomach issues left me at a loss of what to do. After spending countless hours google searching for answers, I came across a functional medicine specialist who helped me get to the root of my symptoms, instead of continuing to put band-aids over them. 

I finally felt empowered to take control of my health and feel my absolute best. This led me to dive deeper into understanding how gut and hormonal health impact our overall health. Healing my gut and hormones gave me the confidence, energy, and freedom to live the life I truly desired. Now, it is my passion to help women do the same.


My Why

I worked 7+ years in the traditional model of care and recognized a major gap that exists within this model. This left me searching for a better way to deliver the level of care I know women deeply desire and deserve.


 Functional medicine was the answer I was looking for. This approach digs deep to identify the root of the problem while caring for the whole person. 


It is my life's mission to help you heal at the deepest level and unleash your innate potential so that you can live the life you have always desired!

Why I Work With Driven Women Like You

  • You desire to reclaim your mind and actions to attain whole-body wellness using a strategy that is completely tailored to you and your unique needs.

  • You desire to be the best version of yourself in order to continue sharing your gifts and show up even more for the ones you love.

  • Ambitious, creative women have a burning desire to overcome what is holding you back from pursuing your passions, dreams, and goals.

  • It takes one to know one! Driven women require a different approach to wellness, one that I am intimately familiar with.

Interested in Working With Me?

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Thank you!

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